JOVA Construction

is a second (2nd) generation enterprise that offers and specializes in custom builds, development and large-scale renovations. Home improvement artists (since 2001), we have also worked for more than a decade in commercial and industrial construction, building boutiques, offices, places of worship and art galleries.

Today, JOVA Construction combines these two forces to provide a unique expertise, outstanding service and customer experience. With a passion for artisan craftsmanship, delivering on realizing the client’s vision is one of the core expertise of JOVA Construction’s team.

The founder’s never-ending thirst for learning about advancement in the construction field is how JOVA brings efficient workflow processes to each project and stays on top of best practices to better coordinate each phase of the new build or renovation. Quality assurance on all deliverables is at the top of our priorities, which has proven to be one of the driving forces behind our success.

All our projects

are handled by our amazing team of certified project managers, red seal carpenters, licensed trades and supplier partners that approach every project with creativity, ingenuity and enthusiasm to ensure the best process and outcome for our clientele.

We strongly believe we are the perfect company to execute your project

We have a great track record specialized in custom work, and we are very motivated to execute your project. Jova offers you

Certified Project Management

The highest certification in this field and renowned internationally is the PMP (Project Management Professional) delivered by the PMI (Project Management Institute). 90% of project failures are with lack of communication and management. We offer our clients professional management, easy to follow, and understand so you can focus on what you envision instead of worrying about surprises.

In house red seal carpenters

Our team is composed of certified carpenters. They are not just good looking handyman.

The team

Jova works with the same trades as we are all used to working together effectively. Our trades have proven to us that they step up to the plate with a positive attitude, always looking to provide the best service. All of them are professional. We also work very closely with a few engineers and architect teams. Depending on the client style, we also bring to the table the right designer to understand the client's vision.


Besides our portfolio that speaks for itself, Jova’s work was feature in the magazine Design Lines. We were also chosen to feature in a French TV reality renovation show in Montreal. 2013 Style France Arcand season 1. A smart Loft created by Jova was feature in a Home show in Montreal.

2nd generation of builder and renovator

Jova is operated with a great background of experience. Put together; we offer over 20 years of experience. We are not good salesmen, “sweet talkers”, we let our skills and work do the talking for us. And as a young and dynamic team, we follow the construction innovations and new technologies closely.

Communication tool

We invest monthly in a cloud-based PM building app to manage the work and communicate with our clients. This App is called BuilderTrend. This is a great working tool to keep our clients informed of the progress through an instant notification on their phones or computer. Our clients see and receive; daily logs progress with pictures, the schedule, modifications to the project, financial statement, comments, finishes, and change orders.


Jova is passionate for art and design. We go the extra mile to create great finishes. We enjoy working towards unique results with various designers and architect, and they enjoy working with us, as we listen and are very resourceful.

Jova is
the right
company for you

We have a great structure in place but always look to see where we can improve to offer an honest and great experience to all our stakeholders. We have no bad references nor legal issues. We are financially stables and capable of offering a great after-delivery service. All our clients trust us with their homes.

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