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Here are some practical informations that can be useful to you for all your renovation projects, from a simple change of counter to the expansion of your house.

  • Bathroom01

    Aside from the wardrobe, the bathroom is often the smallest room of a home and you occupy it several times a day. It’s important that it is practical that you like it. We can help you maximize the space, rejuvenate and modernize its look without breaking the bank.

    Having all the products and models available on the market, we are able to offer you an interior design service of quality and help you find materials at competitive prices from our suppliers such as Baliscus, Plomberium, Tuile Olympia, Ital-Bec, Ital-Nord and others, depending on your area and budget.

    Here are some renovation tips that can make a difference:

    • To stay within a reasonable budget, respect water arrivals and evacuations (expensive plumbing costs).
    • A new floor followed by a bit of paint and voila!
    • Changing the handles on furniture can rejuvenate it. If the budget allows it, change its doors without touching the cabinets.
    • Refresh your accessories (soap dish, trash can, towel handler, candles etc.)
    • The lighting makes all the difference! (Hint: add a dimmer)
    • Be creative: want something you've never had? Do something you've never done! Add a bright color (on walls or in your accessories), a mirror on the wall above the bath, beautiful frames, etc.

    You can proceed with some of these changes by yourself. Have fun, browse decoration and renovation magazines, purchase accessories to discover your personal tastes and make sure that they can be exchanged or refunded if they do not suit your decor (it will only cost you the time to do it), make it a hobby. See below the list of the best online tools to help you renovate and decorate your bathroom.

  • Kitchen02

    To successfully achieve the renovation of a kitchen, each step must be calculated and JOVA Construction has the perfect recipe to serve you a top kitchen!

    Renovating a kitchen is one of the best investments you can make for your home: the return on your investment is more than 75%. You can change the style, create a more functional space, increase your storage space and update your appliances.

    We offer you the opportunity to work with a kitchen designer who will assist you in creating the kitchen of your dreams. The kitchen designer is a consultant and space designer that guides and advises you with your choice of material and works with you to plan your future kitchen.

    A functional kitchen is at its best when it meets these three criteria:
    • Storage
    • Preparation
    • Cleaning

    A well-designed kitchen uses these three elements in a triangular pattern to maximize the effectiveness of the work area. JOVA Construction can provide the service of a kitchen designer or designer to guide you through this process, all presented on a 3D plan.

    Kitchen renovation, where to start?

    Here are some questions, answers and tips that will guide you in the right direction and help you save some time.

    1. Make a list
    Why do you want to renovate your kitchen? Want more storage? Modernize the style? What elements would you change : cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, backsplash ? Do you want to add an island (central unit)? Make a list of everything you want to renovate in order of importance. Thus, if along the process you need to eliminate some options to stay within your budget, you can eliminate those from the bottom of your list!

    2. Budget
    This is the basis of everything. It will let you know what you will be able to achieve on your list and allows you to determine the amount that will be allocated to each task. Ex: $ 7,000 for kitchen cabinets, $ 2,500 for household, $ 400 for paint, etc. (It’s possible that you don’t know the cost of some of the work, please refer to the 3rd paragraph.) Remember to allocate 80% of the original budget for the entire project. This way, if changes or unforeseen should occur, you can stay within your budget.

    3. Get a quote and a plan
    JOVA Construction can make your plans and provide you with its unique service. Getting a plan and a quote allows you to avoid wasted time and costly changes.
With a plan created by a kitchen designer, coordination of job shifts is set in advance which greatly reduces time and expenses.
The money invested in a plan and an estimate is never lost because you can avoid costly surprises and changes that may affect your budget.

    4. Materials
    Be ready: shop for your materials (furniture, fixtures, colors, etc.) by flipping through magazines such as DécorMag, JeDécore or by visiting websites such as Houzz. This will help you avoid making choices in a hurry and will ensure you a look you'll love.
    If your budget allows it, hire an interior designer from JOVA Construction to guide you through your choices of products in finding the unique style that suits you.

    5. What to provide
    Obtaining a permit from the city (each city has different criteria)
    Space for the installation of a temporary kitchen
    The ability to move elsewhere if you need to achieve major renovations
    Inform your neighbours of future work (noise, waste container, etc.)

  • Home Automation03

    We specialize in home improvement with automation control that permits:

    Home theater
    Simplify the control of audio, video and components of your home theater by eliminating the use of multiple remote controls.

    Multi-room music
    Enjoy and access your digital music collection (XM, Sirius, your personal library, etc.) anywhere in your home.

    Intelligent lighting
    Control of ambient lighting using timers, motion sensors and dimmers to create moods and reduce energy costs.

    Temperature control
    Helps save energy and ensures comfort from a simple screen.

    Integrating a security system to monitor your home and family from virtually anywhere in the world.

    JOVA Construction offers home improvement services with automation system. A simple to use technology that lets you control your electronics from embedded touchscreens, your computer, your electronic tablet and even remotely from your smartphone!

  • Expansion04

    For all of your renovation projects involving expansion, JOVA Construction offers a certified and guaranteed service. Your project will be completed while respecting the RBQ standards and achieved by a team of professionals who create a lasting work in no time.

    By choosing JOVA Construction for your expansion work, you will receive a unique service. The result will be as you imagined it. You can follow your project with our construction stages. You will have a plan and specifications, a schedule of the contract (which you can follow along with us), a signed contract as well as qualified subcontractors and workers that respects the building code.

    Excavation to roofing, we take care of delivering your expansion in a short time with a well-respected calendar.

  • Intelligent loft05

    Jova Construction and Maison Domo were proud to present a "intelligent loft" at the 2012 Salon de l'Habitat that was held at the Olympic Stadium on February 2nd to 5th and the Salon du Chalet also presented at the Olympic Stadium on February 16th to 19th of the same year.

    A 700-square foot local with dimensional surfaces and unique imports and automation system was built for both occasions. We gathered our suppliers as well as unique products to create a mini showroom to present our expertise and the best there was on the market.

    Amazing artists were invited and products of great quality were exhibited. A team of professional representatives were waiting for you and ready to answer your questions. With 11 feet high ceilings, we chose to reproduce a loft/studio open area with suspended ceilings. The full local, from bedroom to kitchen, was connected by a home automation system so we could really demonstrate what could be done in your home.

    With over 10 years experience in commercial construction, Jova Construction brings a unique influence in the residential area with dimensional surfaces and products that can be found in magazines, shops and offices.

    We were very proud to present this project that we attacked with great passion and determination, being the only ones offering such a space.

  • Get your money's worth06

    Renovating is a good thing but we must ensure that the investment will be profitable. The key to success lies in the profitability of the improvements made to a property. Here, in percentage, are examples of return on your investment:

    • Roofing (50 - 80%)
    • Kitchen (75 - 100%)
    • Bathroom (75 - 100%)
    • New doors and windows (50 - 75%)
    • Adding a garage (50 - 75%)
    • Pool (10 - 40%)
    • Landscaping (25 - 50%)
    • Skylight (0 - 25%)
    • Substitution of septic tank (80 - 100%)
    • Central heating and air conditioning (25 - 75%)
    • Installation of a fireplace (50 - 75%)

    Our website is designed to guide you through your home improvement by offering you pictures of our realizations and articles from magazines or suppliers we visit, being constantly looking for new products and for the latest trends. Each year brings new options or improvements and new products are brought to the market to save energy and/or to innovate in saving space. We follow these trends and can offer them to you..

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